The Collab Society began as one mum's side-hustle in 2016 and has now grown to become on of the most trusted giveaway advertising and collaborative marketing platforms, for businesses with a social media presence. The business was the product a burning desire to empower small businesses to reach BIG goals with a framework that rewards the hustlers: we see you working overtime, double shifts and weekends (without the extra pay!). 

Our numbers do the talking.

We have worked with over 4000 small businesses including some of the most powerful influencers and well-known brands around the globe.

Based on our 2019 Customer Feedback Survey, 99.5% of our clients have been working with us for at least 2 years and 98.7% said they are more than likely to work with us again! #Goals.

We have carried out over 320 successful giveaways and pride ourselves on continuously evolving our strategies to ensure our giveaways stay ahead of the ever-changing Instagram Algorithm.

meet our founder

Jess, aka #TheGiveawayQueen, is the founder and driver of
The Collab Society.


She spends a majority of her time on giveaways and photoshoots, taking care of the exciting things, like setting up next-level collaborations and the not so exciting things, like permit applications.


Jess oversees and is involved in all aspects of the business including
Graphics, Customer Service, Rep Connect and more!

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