Want extra exposure to over 90,000 followers within your target market? Our Social Media Team will expertly write a caption with engaging copy that actively promotes and endorses your brand/ business and include hashtags that overlap with your audience. 


  • A single post to our Instagram feed during the Giveaway period (i.e. up to 3 days prior to the Giveaway launching and one 1 day after) actively promoting your brand

  • Either a Photoshoot image of one of your products, an image from your businesses' IG feed or a graphic created by TCS will accompany the copy.

  • Expertly written copy that highlights the features and benefits of your brand and/or product

  • License for you to use the copy (and/ or graphic if created by TCS) across your socials and/ or website.


Having an engaged and well segmented database of contacts is so important for digital communications, increasing sales and developing customer rapport. We offer our entrants the opportunity to triple their entries into each Giveaway by signing up (subscribing) to receive email communications from us. We offer a very limited number of additional businesses the opportunity to purchase this data.

  • Your brand/ business name will be included on the sign up form (extra exposure + transparency for subscribers)

  • All subscribers will expect to receive communications from you - they have opted-in therefore the data is privacy compliant 

  • The data will come with a target audience overview included in the Post-Giveaway Analytics report, therefore all the tagging is done for you! 

  • Typical size of the dataset varies dependent on the campaign. Expect anywhere between 200-1000+ new subscribers for a typical 5 day long campaign. 

Think of the Pre-Giveaway Audit as a best friend that is going to tell you the honest truth about how your Market stall looks before the Market opens! Jess from Complete St will work with you one-on-one to audit and provide feedback on your website and your Instagram to ensure you are making the best first impression to your new followers!
  • 1 Hour Zoom/Skype or Phone Coaching session with our branding specialist Jess Epenian
  • Discussion of what your goals from the Giveaway are + strategies to achieve them
  • Complete website audit with 10 easy-to-do and actionable tasks that will improve your customer journey prior to the Giveaway commencing
  • Complete Instagram audit with feedback + 5 actionable tasks to improve your first impression
  • Personalised feedback, to-do lists and strategies from a marketing expert.