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The time has come around again (and so fast!) for our annual Christmas Giveaway and this year we have teamed up with The Christmas Market (62.5K followers) to give away over $3,000 worth of goodies for one lucky family! ​

Think the most whimsical themed Christmas winterland set-up in the storefront of The Chrismas Market decked out with alllll the Christmas themed products and gifts for the entire family. We are going all out for this set-up making it ideal for brands needing Christmas themed content and exposure for their Christmas range.  Photoshoot+Giveaway or Giveaway only spots available.

Launch date: 22nd November.
Product arrival deadline: 22nd October;
Prize valued over $3,000!



 target audience 

  • Families with children aged 0-9.

  • Australian based mums.

  • Online shoppers purchasing for Christmas.

  • Customers that prefer handmade products.

  • Middle-high income earning families.


 styling and photography 


Thu, mama behind @thuie and @thousandfoldphotography is a sought out Influencer and Photographer when it comes to creative sets, and in particular Christmas themed shoots, making her the ideal photographer for the job!​

Thu is an absolute creative genius when it comes to styling sets and editing her imagery, going above and beyond to perfectly cater to the theme. She is obsessed with all things Christmas and enjoys taking photos that capture that essence - whimsical, enchanting and oh so magical.