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Reach your audience through targeted giveaways.

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • TikTok
  • YouTube

Straightforward Giveaway campaigns with minimal legwork and maximum impact: what more could you want?!

We work off a simple formula:

A Killer Marketing Strategy


Brands That Compliment Each Other

Epic Prizes that entice your Target Market

 = Success!


Since 2016 we have endeavoured to change the Instagram Giveaway landscape and offer our wonderful clients the ability to grow their following, convert new contacts into sales, network within their niche and open up new business opportunities. It all stems from our genuine understanding of how the Instagram algorithm works, a host of amazing Influencer contacts, a knack for styling and the ability to get the job done for you.

the process.

Application & Approval

Once you have decided on the right Giveaway for your business, it’s time to apply. We have an application process in place to maintain the quality and relevancy of brands involved (you can learn more about this here) – but don’t worry, it takes less than a minute to complete. Unless there is already a direct competitor involved, your application should be processed and approved within 24 hours. Just keep an eye on your inbox and settle the 20% deposit to secure your spot.


Workbooks & Check-Ins

You will have received a Giveaway Ready Guide which goes into detail on how to prepare for the Giveaway and get the most out of the campaign. We recommend working through this in sections. Periodically, our friendly Customer Service Team will check in with you with relevant dates, times, posting schedules and to answer any questions you may have.



Giveaway Goes Live!

Approximately one week before the Giveaway goes live, you will be added to a group DM on Instagram and we will share a digital Welcome Pack. This Welcome Pack steps you through the A-Z of the campaign and contains all the relevant captions, copy, graphics, posting times and more. We have a dedicated Giveaway Guru who floats around the DMs on launch day and is there to troubleshoot and assist you, prior to going live.

Support and resources

to help connect you

with your new audience.

Copy of Copy of DISCOUNT CODES (3000 × 1867 px) (1).png

are we the right fit?

Our Giveaways are not a good fit if;

Our Giveaways are a good fit if;

the benefits.

Increase your Instagram following

In order to enter to win, the public

must follow all brands inovolved

- including your own!

Align your brand

Alignment with reputable

non-competing Australian brands that

share you ideal audience.

Cost effective Influencer Marketing

Work with your favourite Influencers at a fraction of the price with our group Giveaways where brands can split the expense.

Minimal legwork- for you!


Choose a posting spot that works best for your busy calendar - share in promotion or sit back and watch the results roll on in.

Increased Social Media reach

Paid targeted Instagram and Facebook ads, plus exclusive brand-partner and Influencer promotion.

Effective and engaging Giveaway “Add-On” options

A whole catalogue of optional add-ons to to focus on key areas of further growth such as Email Subscribers, our Discounts Directory or Content Creation.

Copy of Copy of DISCOUNT CODES (1).png

don't take our word for it,

take theirs:



It was such a dream working with The Collab Society team on an amazing giveaway. Every step of the way, the level of communication was amazing.

Team Tonkin Shoot for Rattan Furniture and Bedding_edited.jpg


Their planning and attention to detail makes for a success every time, and their careful instructions have led to fantastic results in social growth and brand awareness.



We love the transparency and guidance offered during the campaigns, which have helped our brand tap into new market segments and gain incredible exposure. It’s a big thumbs up from us!

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