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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to the products after the Photoshoot?

Dependant on the Influencer and Campaign requirements one of three things will happen to the product that you sent to be featured in the shoot: 1) It will be kept by the Influencer for ongoing styling (any future posts that include your product will be tagged). 2) It will be sent to the winner to form part of the prize. 3) It will be returned to you via return postage satchel at your expense.

Can I choose which item to send?

We will usually ask for the Influencer/Stylist to pick a few options from your website so you are able to make the final choice in which product/s are sent. It is important that any items that are sent for the Photoshoot and approved by the Influencer to ensure it fit within their style and compliments others products involved in the shoot. If you do have a specific product that you would love included please include the link in your application and we can suggest this product to the Influencer however we cannot guarantee it will be approved.

How long until images are sent through?

We will receive the first round of images from the Influencer in the week leading up to the Photoshoot launch date, these will be sent to you but we do ask for you to refrain from reposting until the campaign goes live. All final images may take up to 3 weeks after the campaign has finished. This will allow time for the Influencer to take additional shots within different settings and time to allow for editing and uploading to the Photoshoot folder.

How many photos will I receive?

The number of photos received will vary based on the Influencer and the campaign - this will be outlined in the Information Pack for you. Multiple items: EXAMPLE: The Sweet Little Story Photoshoot comes with 5x images of your product. If sending matching items (3x same product for 3x children) or product sets (chair and table set) this will count as one product and you will receive a total of 5x images. If sending two complete different items (1x Chair and 1x Bed) you will receive a total of 10x images with each product featuring in at least 5 images.

How can I get involved?

1) Choose which Campaign/Photoshoot you would like to join. 2) Click 'APPLY NOW' via the Information Pack. 3) Complete the 30 second Application Form. 4) We will touch base within 24-48 hours. If approved you will receive an online invoice. 5) Secure your spot in the Photoshoot by making a minimum deposit amount of 20% via your online invoice. Payment methods include: PayPal, Direct Debit Payment Plans, Visa/Mastercard or Bank Transfer. Deposit is required to secure your spot and remaining balance is due one week prior to the Campaign going live.

How many products am I allowed to send?

The pricing covers inclusion for one product unless the Influencer has requested for more than one item to be sent. Each additional product that you request to be featured carries a surcharge of $99.00 and is subject to approval. If sending three matching products for three children this counts as one product.

Why do I have to also include a prize for the winner?

The Photoshoot is run in conjunction with our monthly Giveaway. When the Influencer posts to their Instagram feed they will be showcasing all of the products and images from the shoot as a 'giveaway' for their followers. In order for their followers to enter to win the prizes they must follow everyone involved - including you!

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