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don't take our word for it,

take theirs:


It was a wonderful experience & very well laid out & organised. The girls put so much time & effort in to every step of the way & did their best to ensure the best possible result for those of us involved."


Nature-Inspired Homewares & Books.


If you’re thinking of running a giveaway you need these guys on board! Their level of professionalism is second to none and they know the ins and outs of running a successful Instagram giveaway.


Most people underestimate the time and effort required to organise one and as an owner of a busy small business I was definitely one of these people. Handing the mammoth task over to Jess and her team was the best thing I ever did!


Play Gyms, Wooden Toys & More.


Wow!! I am so blown away by the care and customer service at The Collab Society. I have used other collaboration agencies and The Collab Society is by far the best. They take the time and effort in every way possible - resulting in a success every single time. 

I have a small business and used their services to grow and reach a larger audience using collaborations, giveaways and photo shoots. 


Luxury Keepsake Books.


It was my first one - you guys were super accommodating to me and the free e-book was amazing. I have been approached by 4 other services now that were absolutely not aligned with me, or the standard you have set. And I can’t see myself working with anyone else to be honest!


Ethically-Conscious Boutique.


Our experience has been amazing! 
We’ve literally built our small business from the ground up with their support. Their focus is providing a high quality service that evolves with their customers needs.

Giveaways and photo shoots with The Collab Society have always provided us with incredible images, valuable connections with other small businesses & Influencers, genuine followers, customers & sales, and we cannot recommend them highly enough! 


Padded Non-Toxic Play Mats

rug culture.png

We have been thoroughly impressed with the quality, professionalism and results we’ve experienced each time we’ve worked with the Collab Society. Jess is a  delight to work with, and offers her expertise from start to finish!

We love the transparency and guidance offered during the campaigns, which have helped our brand tap into new market segments and gain incredible exposure. It’s a big thumbs up from us!


Curated Rug Collections.


Jess has been a dream to work with. She went above and beyond to make my vision come true and supports all business types to get their socials to the next level. She was efficient, reliable and seriously has a way with words.


Jess doesn’t just want you to have a pretty picture, gain a following, she wants you thrive! Leaving you wanting more of the goodness. I can not recommend her highly enough and will always be my go to gal for all things promotions.


Instagram Services &Entrepreneur.

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