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It's no surprise that we are back with a Cubby House Giveaway with Hide and Seek Kids, but to make this Cubby House promo even more epic we've added not only a Cubby House but also a carport add-on into the mix so our lucky winner will win a prize package valued over $2,000 JUST. IN. TIME. FOR. CHRISTMAS! (Um, can I pls enter?!)

Launch date: 18th October, 2021.

Prize: Hide and Seek Kids Cubby House and Carport/Sitting Area Add on.

Payment plans available with 20% required to secure your spot.




 target audience 

 previous results 

  • Women aged 23-50.

  • Australian based women.

  • Parents with children aged 3-9.

  • Interested in Kids Play, Educational Play, Styling, Online Shopping.

Based on: Hide and Seek Kids Cubby House Giveaway with Hudson and Harlow.

Average number of entries: 12K+

Reach: 278,000+

Average follower gain per business: 1,800

Number of email subscribers per brand: 385



Username: @hideseekkids​

Followers: 186K+

Facebook Group: @hudson_and_harlow

Members: 126K+

Number of posts: 3 x FB Group Posts

Username: @blond.noir

Followers: 134K+


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