We are;

Giveaways are our jam. It's what we are known for, what gets us jumpin' outta bed in the morning and what we do well. Actually, let's be honest, we do it better then "well". In fact, we've transformed the Giveaway landscape on Instagram and set a new kind of standard for Influencer Marketing and Collaboration.


Using half a decade of experience, we've successfully bridged the gap between you and who you have always wanted to work with. We've traded the scramble for an influx of fake followers for genuine engagement, quality leads and the opportunity for you to reach your ideal audience. 


That seemingly elusive Influencer you've always wanted to work with?

Now they're styling your product.


That brand that is always kicking goals within your industry? 

Yes, that is your brand and product alongside theirs in our latest campaign.


Can't seem to target your niche with traditional advertising?

We carefully curate our Giveaways and Campaigns to cater to your specific needs. There is no one size fits all approach and we never compromise on quality.

Creating killer collaborations since 2016.




don't take our word for it,

take theirs:

"In the few collaborations we have been involved with so far, we have absolutely loved working with the professional Collab Society team. Their planning and attention to detail makes for a success every time, and their careful instructions have led to fantastic results in social growth and brand awareness. On behalf of Oricom Baby Care, the team come with our full recommendation."

ORICOM - UHF CB Radios, Baby Care & Care Phones. @oricombabycare