photoshoot + giveaway

Having working with Tahnee from @homeofthewildlings many times since The Collab Society was launched we already know that these images will be to dieeee for!

Tahnee, mama of two boys, Parker and Archer, will be creating a Nursery set-up for one year old Archer in tones of clay, brown, yellow and green for a stunning earth inspired theme with pops of colour!

If you are after hero shots of your products - Tahnee is your girl. She does close up images so well to really capture and highlight even the smallest details. Her two boys, Parker and Archer will be included in the Lifestyle shots from the shoot to showcase toys in action and clothing items.


Click 'view Gallery' below to see the images from our last shoot with Tahnee!


- Launch date for Giveaway + Photoshoot: 13th April - 20th April.

- Product arrival deadline: 28th March.

- Sponsors involved for April Giveaway + Photoshoot promotions: @misskyreeloves.

- Prize valued over $2500 - Nursery themed.


- Minimum 10x images of your product.

- Cross promotion and tagged in all reposts from each business in the shoot and Giveaway.

- Image of your product posted on @homeofthewildlings Feed + tagged.

- Image of your product posted on @thecollabsociety during the @misskyreeloves Giveaway to redirect followers to your page.

- Video shot of your product uploaded to @homeofthewildlings Insta Stories + tagged.

- Complete folder of 40+ images from the shoot.

- Inclusion in the Giveaway and follow list.

- Half page feature with links to your website and products in our online e-Magazine.

- Optional: Discount code shared on @thecollabsociety.


- $319.00 + GST;

- Product Contribution for shoot (no min value);

- Prize Contribution for winner (min $150.00 Store Credit or Product).