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Remember to post at 8:00pm AEST with your choice of main feed graphic + 5 other images from the photoshoot.
All of these graphics can be found in the Welcome Pack.
You can access the Welcome Pack by clicking the link in the group DM on Instagram.
  1. Download your main graphic, plus five images of choice from the Dropbox Gallery, found via the Welcome Pack link.
  2. Open Instagram. 
  3. New Post button, top right hand corner of IG.
  4. Select the main Giveaway Graphic (the one with text/ writing on it) and then press the square on the right hand side of the screen (beside the little camera icon, opposite the word "Recents").
  5. This will let you choose other images in your camera roll, so that your IG post will be a slider.
  6. Select 5 other images that you've downloaded. 
  7. Click Next and Next again.
  8. Paste the caption that you've copied from the Welcome Pack.
  9. Click Tag people.
  10. It may be easiest to open the Supplier list on a computer so you don't have to keep closing IG to check who the different brands are.
  11. Go through and use the Supplier list to tag all of the brands involved in the photoshoot.
  12. The video on the right shows us tagging a few brands - but you'll need to tag them all.
  13. It's best to allow yourself 5-10 minutes to do this, so you're all ready to go and click Share, once the clock strikes 8:00PM AEST!
If the Giveaway is less than 12 hours away and you have any questions, please CALL or TEXT 0437 482 339 and we will help you straight away!
Jess & The Team xx
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