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giveaway marketing

We've all seen them, the Instagram Giveaways that make you follow 100 people to win an iPhone. You enter to win and suddenly you find yourself with a feed full of accounts that are sooo not relevant to you. #WhyAmIFollowingARandomManFromTurkey. So of course you unfollow.. Or you may have even paid to participate in one before and found your followers tripled #Yasss but your engagement rate absolutely bombed so suddenly your posts were no longer being seen. #UhOh

It's no surprise that Instagram Giveaways have a bit of a bad rep #We'llBeTheFirstToSayIt, too often they are run with the goal in mind being a quick influx of followers as oppose to an authentic marketing tool. Like most forms of marketing Instagram Giveaways can be sooo beneficial for your business if they are done right!


What sets us apart from our competitors is our strong focus on attracting nothing but quality leads. Our goal isn't to help you gain a mass following but to give your brand access to the holy grail - your ideal target audience. We want sales for you, engagement for you - not just a bunch of meaningless numbers, in fact we would rather see 100 new followers with 20% of them becoming customers as oppose to 10,000 new followers who live in countries that you don't even ship to.

We do this by only offering prizes and working with influencers within your niche that will speak to your audience, highly targeted paid ads and a strict vetting process to ensure the only businesses involved in the Giveaway are the ones that share the same target audience.

followers ain't nothin' but a number baby.

We get your brand seen and heard by your ideal audience by tapping into a wide range of advertising channels such as Instagram influencers, major Networking brands, the largest email databases and paid ads.

Highly targeted Facebook and Instagram Ads are often a budget stretch for most small businesses. The cost of getting your brand out to some of the largest networks in the world can feel quite overwhelming, and coming up with the cost to work with a major Influencer? Forget it. 

Thanks to the power of collaborative and strategic marketing, where small businesses pool together to take part in giveaway and share in the marketing expenses, we’ve made these advertising avenues accessible, and affordable, for everyone!

we make expensive marketing affordable

we won't let you just hit it and quit it.



Our giveaways are fun and exciting to be a part of, but your journey doesn’t end when the Giveaway does. In fact, it’s only just the beginning. We won't bring you leads and expect you to do all the hard work, we will actually spend the time to ensure you know exactly how to turn those new followers into loyal, engaging customers.


We provide a tonne of resources to get you Giveaway ready with our pre-Giveaway checklist, ensure your branding is on point to make the best first impression and we will give you all the tools you need to build lasting connections with your new followers. We're in it for the long haul baby!

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