Our Giveaway campaigns are an incredibly effective marketing tool, but since our main platform is Instagram, we knew there was more we could be offering our clients.


The Collab Society have developed a model where we can get your product in the hands of your fave Influencer, alongside complementary brands and produce some outstanding content for you to use!

We partner with Influencers, contract professional photographers and shoot some of the most Insta-worthy setups


Once you've been approved, send the product/s you'd like to be photographed.


We'll send you an email once it has arrived.

Your product will be styled alongside 5-15 complementary products by an Influencer.


The set up will be professionally photographed and edited. You'll receive a Dropbox gallery full of imagery for you to use with unlimited license!


Both The Collab Society and the Influencer will promote the photoshoot with your featured product during the campaign. You'll be tagged in all posts giving your brand up to 35 times the exposure of traditional 1:1 campaigns!