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Madeline Mcfarlane &

Francoise Baudet.

Elevate your social media content or completely overhaul your websites look: we have a photoshoot package to suit your business goals and can deliver a final gallery of 5 to 15 images.


We handed complete creative direction to the one and only Madeline McFarlane, to conceptualise four epic sets for you to choose from. 


A bold, colourful Master Bedroom,

A neutral, plant and light-filled Home Office,

An earthy, tangerine and green baby Nursery and

An under-the-sea themed Playroom with touches of rattan.

madeline mcfarlane.PNG

Have your product styled and photographed by


A flat rate fee and absolutely no hidden surprises or unexpected costs that pop up mid-production. We manage the process from beginning to end for incredible, stress-free results.

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Our Collaborative Photoshoots are a careful selection of complementary products from different businesses, allowing for out-of-this-world styling and reduced out of pocket costs for each brand.

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We only work with the best of the best, to ensure an unsurpassed level of quality. We put all of our resources into building connections, setting a theme and organising production, so you don't have to.

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Photography Packages

  • Your Socials Sorted

    • 5 styled images of your product
    • 2.5 hour photoshoot on your set of choice
    • Creative direction by Madeline McFarlane
    • Professionally photographed by Francoise Baudet
    • Unlimited digital license
    • End to end production management
  • Best Value

    Everything Digital

    • 10 styled images of up to two products
    • All the perks of 'Your Socials Sorted' PLUS
    • Gallery includes a mix of close up and styled photographs
    • 5 hour photoshoot across two separate sets
    • Easy photoshoot briefing with our online interactive form
    • 1 tagged Instagram post on @thecollabsociety
  • Ultimate something

    • 15 styled images of up to three products
    • All the perks of 'Everything Digital' PLUS
    • 7.5 hour photoshoot across three separate sets
    • 1 BTS Instagram story on @thecollabsociety posted 05 May
    • Exclusive early access to the final gallery
  • Can I use the images on my social media?
    You have unlimited license to use the images however you'd like to! This includes, but is not limited to social media, promotional materials, digital and print publications and more: they are yours to own.
  • Why do I have to send one product for styling and one product to the winner?
    Once we have unboxed a product, we are unable to forward it onto the eventual winner of the Giveaway. This means that if you would like us to style and incorporate your product into the shoot, it will need to be unboxed. Once the Giveaway has ended, we will DM you with the winners' postage details for you to dispatch the second item (their prize) to them. In some circumstances, we are able to onforward the item to the winner and there is a minimum $20.00 fee involved to do so. Please reach out to us via email if you'd like to discuss us shooting your product in its' original packaging.
  • Do you send the product back after the photoshoot?
    In most cases, any products sent to us to be shot are kept in-studio for future content oportunities. Unless you supply a return shipping label when sending the product or you explicitly advise us that you want your product/s shot in their original packaging (so the prize can be forwarded onto the winner in “as new” condition), then the product will remain with The Collab Society. All products kept in-studio will be incorporated into future photoshoot's (where appropriate) and your Dropbx gallery will be updated quarterly with new content for you to use however you see fit! If you do require your item back at any time, shipping costs will apply.
  • How many images will I receive and where will I be able to access them?
    If you purchase a Basic package, the minimum number of styled images is 5 and for the Ultimate package, 12. There will be a mix of images where your product is the main focus plus images where other products feature as well. Your images will be uploaded to a Dropbox gallery and we will send you the link.
  • I'm worried about postage delays - what if my product doesn't arrive in time?
    We ask that you pay close attention to the 'Express Postage Cut Off Date' recommendation on the original Giveaway sign up form. We are generally flexible with the photoshoot date (within reason) to acommodate postage times, but aren't responsible for your item not arriving in time for the photoshoot. If you are worried about postage, send us an email at to discuss options for getting your item to us in time!
  • Will my product be featured in the main Giveaway image?
    We cannot guarantee that every single product will be included in the main Giveaway graphic. When choosing a single promotional image, thought is given to what best represents the Giveaway prize as a whole, whilst also aiming to include as many of the featured products as possible. If the product you have supplied for the photoshoot is not included in the Main Giveaway promotional graphic, there will be a close-up photograph of your product in the subsequent slider images in the main Giveaway post on The Collab Society Instagram’s feed. The order of the slider images is completely random and you will be tagged in the caption.
  • Do I have to send you a photography brief?
    The short answer is no, but we do encourage it, if there are "must-have's" when it comes to shooting your product. For example, the product is only suitable for a certain age child, it must be configured a certain way, there are restrictions for how the product can be used or strict safety precautions which must be adhered to. Upon purchasing our service, you have 72 hours to provide us with a brief via email on how you would like your products photographed. If you don't supply a brief, we will leave it up to our stylist and photographer to set up and shoot the product.
  • Will there be other brands and products in the photoshoot?
    Yes! There will be a range of complementary products included in the photoshoot. Most of our images are shot "lifestyle" meaning they are perfect for use across a range of platforms including Instagram, Facebook, promotional materials and as slider images on your website.
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