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13 Playroom Ideas for your Adventurous Toddler

Planning to start your own Playroom space or is your existing Playroom in need of a refresh? We've got you! Find our top 13 tips to create a Playroom for the most adventurous toddler that promotes healthy development, problem-solving, independence, and a wholeeee lotta fun!

Use wall decals or wallpaper to add creativity and fun to the space without the long-term commitment. Opting for removable decals/wallpaper makes it even easier (and more affordable!) when the time comes to switch things up as your tot's personality and style changes.

Encourage exercise. When selecting larger exercise-focused items such as play gyms and indoor play equipment, make sure they have multiple uses and cater to a wider age range. What we love about the Riababy Playhouse is the climbing, swinging, sliding, drawing, and imaginary play options for children aged 1-8 years of age! With optional add-on accessories like glamping tents and swings, an indoor play gym like this will be sure to keep the kids entertained all. day. long.

Add personalized touches. With personalization being available on almost anything these days, it is a fun, easy, and affordable way to add a bit of excitement for your child. Being able to visibly see their name can help provide that extra element of comfort in their very own space and double as a cherished keepsake for years to come!

Keep things non-toxic and eco-friendly. With any adventurous toddler, it won't take long before every toy ends up in their mouth at one stage or another, and with cheap plastic toys on the rise, this places even more importance on prioritizing non-toxic and eco-friendly options. Our favorite brands from Australian-based stockist Reverie Craft include Flockmen, From Jennifer, and SumBlox which are not only non-toxic but are also timeless educational-focused toys that can be passed down through generations.

Have a selection of once-off activities. Store some once-off activities in a separate space (and not visible to tiny fun-seeking eyes!) and bring them out on those days when you can spend that extra bit of time creating memories with your child. One of our newest finds includes these colour-me-in PJ's that come complete with coloured fabric markers. The fact they double as a special activity and a practical pair of PJ's makes them a perfect birthday present!

A space to let the kids get messy! Section off an area that will allow for some craft time, painting and messy activities. Start off by placing an easy-to-clean floor mat (like this one!) that is stylish but practical and introduce a few items for messy playtime. Our picks are the Perspex Easel with eco-friendly paints and Dr Zigs Eco friendly giant bubbles. If you've not already discovered these giant game-changing bubbles, go check them out now. #CanWePlayToo

Add some interactive wall art to help decorate the Playroom space whilst allowing you to turn any plain wall into another opportunity for play and interaction. Think maps, ABCs, number charts, or even a hide-and-seek hidden object picture. We are also obsessed with custom neon wall art, which adds that extra wow!

Items that ignite the imagination. We've seen a rise of play lounges on the gram' and the ARKi Tribe lounger caught our attention with a variety of fabrics, shapes, sizes, and endless options to inspire your little ones to use their imagination by creating hideaways, castles, cars, boats, and so much more. A big thumbs up from us!

Plenty of storage. Did you know that according to statistics, stepping on a piece of Lego comes only second to childbirth on the list of 'most painful experiences in the world'? Okay, we totally made that up.. but IYKYK. So rather than being the next Lego victim, we highly suggest incorporating tonnes of storage into your Play space. We love the low-line storage unit by Boori made with solid wood and engineered timber which can be easily paired with pictured toy storage labels to encourage your toddler to clean up after play.

Add an indoor slide! An indoor slide will no doubt make your playroom the envy of alll your child's friends. Adventurous toddlers naturally gravitate towards slides, with lightweight and stylish options that are easy to move from room to room, it will be a sure hit in every room around the house for years to come!

Create a reading corner. Creating a safe haven for your toddler to retreat to is super important when designing a space that could quickly become too overstimulating. Giving them their own quiet, calming corner decked out with cushions, bean bags and books will give them the perfect space to zen out when needed.

Get onto toy rotation. With so many options and toys to play with you can keep things interesting and avoid a sense of overwhelm for your toddler by removing and reintroducing toys on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Just remember to always ensure there is a balanced mix of education-focused, messy play, role-playing, and construction for each rotation.

A table and chair set is a must. What can be a chill zone for your toddler to get creative with arts and crafts can quickly become a secret hideaway tent when introducing textiles like play silks and blankets, and don't forget the endless tea parties and epic Connetix building creations that are only possible with a good table and chair set. Our choice is the Confetti Table and Chair from Cowrie and Conch - available in a variety of fun, bright and exciting colourways made from PPE Recycled Plastic for ease of cleaning.



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