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Designing For Motivation with The DIY Decorator

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Guest contribution by: Zoe Gilpin, The DIY Decorator

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you became the DIY Decorator?

I am a qualified interior decorator with over 14 years experience in the industry. Over the years I've worked not only as a decorator, but also as a property stylist, visual merchandiser, interior blogger, e-designer and content creator. I started The DIY Decorator 5 years ago when I had my son and wanted something to fill my time as a stay at home mum. I always had a love for affordable decorating and DIY so started sharing my passion on social media. And now it has grown in to my full time job while I still get to be at home with my kids.

What does your home office space look like and what was your thought process behind putting it together? As the majority of my work is done on a device, I don't need much space in my home office set-up. I have a lovely oak desk paired with an up-cycled chair, set up in a corner of our master bedroom. Some simple stationery items accompanied by a few plants completes the space and ties in with the rest of my naturally styled home. Less is more for me in a work space. Mainly so I dot get distracted from me work.

There are a lot of small business owners who have had to transition to working from home since COVID-19 and likely don’t have a lot of space to work with. What are your suggestions for making the most of a small nook or corner as your “office space”?

Finding even the smallest space in your home to create a home office space just for you is essential in helping you ease in to working from home. Set up a space preferably in an area away from distractions such as the TV or where family members gather. Ensure that your work space is comfortable. A suitable chair is essential, as well as the right size desk depending on how much desk space you need to work on.

What can people do to make their office space more inspirational and motivating?

Introducing some green friends like I do to a work space helps bring some calmness and colour to a work space. A nice piece of art or a pin board full of inspirational images hung in your work area is a nice touch. Also make sure you include a scented item to space. Whether it be a candle reed diffuser, wax warmer or electric diffuser, including scent in a space can help it feel more comfortable and therefore relax you while you work.

Do you prefer a well-decorated office space or something more minimalistic? Why is this?

I personally like to keep a work space quite simple. A cluttered space for me equals a cluttered mind. An inviting, yet simply decorated work space is more appealing to me as there's no distractions from unnecessary items and you can concentrate of completing the task at hand.

How could someone refresh their existing office space if they’re feeling in a bit of a rut? Treat yourself to some fun stationery items. Or perhaps a new plant friend or scented candle. Even try making your own 'Pinterest board' by cutting out some images from your magazines and sticking them to a pin board to create a fun and inspirational mood board to help keep you inspired.

Can you give us three design hacks each under $30 that will elevate a work space?

  1. Colour. Bring in some colour to brighten and cheer up the space. Something as simple as some coloured stationery items or a few decorative items such as a vase or candle is a nice way to add in some fun and interest.

  2. Lighting. These days you can find some super on trend and affordable lamp options. Adding a fun lamp to a work space is not only great way to add to the look of the desk space, but is also a functional piece too.

  3. Scent. Certain scents can help bring calmness, so adding in an electronic diffuser to a work space can really help take the edge of a hard days work. Many diffusers also have tranquil sound effects or blue tooth which is also great to have at a work area.

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