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Updated: Aug 16, 2020

The Collab Society wanted to make sure that we were giving as much back to the small biz community as possible, so in partnership with Martha from Truly Amor, a number of incredibly helpful resources have been developed. For Week 1 of Thriving In Isolation, we want to encourage everyone to slow down and reflect on isolation and how the pandemic may be affecting both you and your business. This particular resource can be used in conjunction with our previous blog post where we provided plenty of helpful tips and links to Beyond Blue.

Week 1

Self reflection can be a great tool to build and grow your emotional self-awareness. By taking the time to ask yourself some important questions, you can gain a better understanding of all your emotions, strengths and weaknesses. Once you understand important aspects of yourself, you become better able to adapt to the changing situations and tough circumstances we are facing in this current climate.

Change can be pleasing, enriching and enlightening for some, but for other others it can be distressing and prompt feelings of anxiety and stress. Being mentally and psychologically prepared for self-isolation can be helpful if you are feeling like this.

Collab Society_Self Reflect in ISO_v2
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Stay on track with our completely free, downloadable planner!

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Want to Contribute to Thriving In Isolation?

Our goal with Thriving In Isolation is to allow the campaign to grow, flourish and develop as the weeks go by. We want to reach as many small biz owners as possible, but to achieve this we need to work collaboratively to get the word out there. If you have time to share valuable resources via an IG Live or IGTV or have a discount, offer or membership that a business owner would find value in, please reach out to us to discuss Guest Contributor opportunities.

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