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Home Schooling And Learning Online.

Steph from PeekyMe shares all of her top tips and tricks to make home schooling and learning online a success during isolation.

As a mum to an almost-two-year-old, primary school teacher and small business owner of PeekyMe, life is CRAZY BUSY! The juggle of working, teaching and still ensuring I get quality time (where I’m not a raging cow) is so important and relevant right now, so I bring you some easy to do tips and tricks to help you on this journey!

  1. RELAX! Take a few big breaths. If you are stressed, your kids will pick up on this, and they will get hyped up too. This is unusual times for everyone and your co-workers totally understand the kids screaming in the background, the messy house and the million snacks surrounding you.

  2. Create a daily schedule and have it on display. It is helpful for the whole family to see what meetings you have on that day, when lunchtime is, what is for dinner, when is family fun time etc. Remember to schedule in some special family time away from learning and work.

  3. Set everyone up for the day. Some learning tasks require different materials than just a piece of paper and pencils so it’s really helpful to check the learning activities the night before to make sure everything is set up and ready to go for the next day. Set up a learning space for the kids and a work space for yourself where everyone can comfortably sit and have everything they need close by – water bottles, snacks, pencils, paper, glue, craft supplies.

  4. You’re not a teacher. I mean, you are your child’s best and biggest teacher but you’re not their school-teacher. Your kid’s teachers do not expect you to know all the answers and for your kids to be submitting their best work. We understand that parents are working and are always here to help them out during the day. They can ask their questions to us and just do their best.

  5. Real life learning. This is such an amazing time for your kids to learn all about the real stuff that happens at home every day. Kids learn best by ‘doing’ so when you’re at the shops talk about how much things cost, where the food/items come from, advertising etc. Show them all the washing, cleaning, cooking etc. that happens at home. These experiences are PRICELESS.

  6. Switch off and have fun! Take time to do something fun together each day as a family. Getting outside and some fresh air is always a mood changer – go for walks or bike rides or explore a new nearby park. Have a disco or movie night together. Enjoy this special time as a family because we will be missing it when life goes back to ‘normal’.

  7. Amount of work. Most schools are providing students with three learning activities per day – 1 each for English, Maths and Inquiry/Wellbeing. While at school the day would be filled with many more activities and the teachers would be able to extend/challenge and provide support for students in the classroom, it’s difficult to do that while teaching online. If your child is finishing their work by 11am each day, encourage them to take on more challenges with their work, put in their best effort, add extra details and spend at least 30-45 minutes on each activity. It is completely normal for students to be finishing their schoolwork before 3:30pm! We want your kids to spend time off the screens and be outside, walking and bike rides, reading books and being a part of home life.

  8. Staying connected. A lot of kids are really struggling with not seeing their friends and family and are missing that contact. It’s completely normal! Encourage your children to Facetime/Skype their friends and family members. Organise calls where there is a theme and they can dress up for the call, play games, read books or watch a movie or show together. Just remember to be present when your kids are online and monitor their use to screen for swear words, bullying or other red flags.

PeekyMe kids craft boxes are filled with fun and educational crafts and activities to keep your kids busy and entertained for hours! Using our teaching backgrounds, we have created these boxes to encourage children to work on their fine motor skills, creativity, problem solving, communication and enjoy some time for themselves.

PeekyMe craft boxes are the perfect activity to help fill your day and give you extra time that you need to cook dinner, send those last emails or have some you time!

You can reach out to PeekyMe via IG or email if you have any questions about your child’s learning. If you need extra activities to fill your day, they also have a great range of FREEBIES on their website too!

To get your hands on the amazing PeekyMe boxes and understand what all the excitement is about, you can use code THECOLLABSOCIETY for 15% off all their boxes.

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