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How to Create Digital Content That Converts.

💡 TL;DR – The key to converting a contact into a client is time, plus consistent, quality written and visual/ auditory content. Utilise short and long-form blogging, copywriting and E-Books to educate, inform and nurture your contacts. Supplement quality copy with rich photography, well thought-out infographics, podcasts and consistent social media engagement to offer a brand experience centred around solving the pain points of your consumers, without being too salesy.


We have all heard of the sales funnel: a figurative journey we take a would-be client on, with the view of making a sale and retaining them as a loyal customer. It begins with general brand awareness and moves through the stages of analysis, purchase, loyalty and finally, advocacy.

The key to tapping into each stage of the funnel is content creation. In order for you to convert a potential client, there must be compelling written and visual content to aid in their decision to make a purchase with you, over your competitors. The formula is simple, but takes dedication, revision and the ability to listen and connect with your target market.

Time + Quality Content = Conversion.

We have taken the time to summarise a variety of different content mediums you may use and how they can be executed to increase your chances of conversion.



Blog posts, both short and long-form are an excellent way to build awareness of your brand and product, allowing you to use a mix of written copy and creative visuals.

➡️ Write a mix of entertaining and informative blog posts to build a strong brand personality and establish yourself as a leader in your field/ industry. Investing in SEO and SERP keyword research will increase your chances of being discovered organically. Take inspiration from competitors, but develop unique blog content that offers a point of difference for those reading.


Copywriting is a form of content writing where the outcome is advertising, persuasion or conversion. It covers different written mediums such as blogs, e-newsletters, marketing campaigns and so on.

➡️ Quality copywriting that mirrors a strong, consistent brand identity is a solid strategy for conversion. Copywriting can be woven throughout the different stages of the sales funnel, particularly in the analysis stage whereby the potential client already knows of you, but they need a final push to purchase. Investing in copywriting for FAQs, case studies and website copy will ensure the potential customer feels confident your product will solve their problem.


Generally in a downloadable format, E-Books can be either free or purchasable online. Containing 10,000+ words, they are an excellent way to share large volumes of information and content, providing significant value to the customer during the loyalty or retention phase.

➡️ If you choose to use a free E-Book as part of your conversion strategy, it will be in your best interest to develop a clear marketing strategy for the downloadable. Since you will be investing a great deal of time into developing the product, it is important you include a mix of useful written content and high quality visuals. Offer both PDF and HTML versions of your E-Book.



High quality photography adds significant value to any marketing strategy, but it typically comes with a high price point. Product and lifestyle photography can be used across social media, your website, advertising, print and beyond, offering potential clients a rich visual experience from awareness through to advocacy.

➡️ Incorporate photography into an existing campaign, with a plan to utilise the content across a variety of digital mediums. At TCS we offer the opportunity for you to combine a Giveaway campaign with styled photography, creating brand continuity at a lower cost than sourcing your own stylist and photographer.


Creating a podcast can take a dedicated amount of time to maintain if you want to build a solid following, however it offers fantastic value for existing clients in the loyalty and advocacy stage, whilst simultaneously helping to further educate and establish your industry authority for those in the analysis phase.

➡️ Discuss a variety of different topics relevant to your industry as a whole and carefully intertwine new products or service offerings where applicable. Hearing you speak often helps the potential customer develop a deeper connection with your brand, as it adds an element of humanity.

Graphics and Infographics

Along the same lines as photography, graphics and infographics are powerful tools to aide in conversion. By visually presenting information, you appeal to those in your audience who have a preference for visual information over written or auditory.

➡️ Infographics are particularly useful in the beginning stages of the sales funnel, acting as an alternative way to communicate key points about your product or services. The use of graphics throughout your website and social channels helps with brand continuity which in turn builds trust and recognition for both potential and existing clients.

Social Media

Social media is a wonderful exposure tool. Being free, it is a low risk investment for your business and with consistency, can provide excellent returns. There is also the added bonus of growing an engaged community which rewards customers, thus promoting loyalty and advocacy.

➡️ Post a mix of written and visual content, keep your messaging consistent and prompt followers to join in on the conversation. Regularly appearing on your stories and creating Reels extends your reach and promotes brand awareness, whilst re-sharing client/ customer photos and posts will help encourage advocacy. Sometimes a social referral is all you need to make another sale!


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