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Nursery Styling with @justy_olive.

Justine @justy_olive is the Mama behind her girl gang of 4 gorgeous daughters Penelope, Daisy, Adele & Olive!

Justine is known for her truly unique style & the type of work that when you see her images you just know it's her! What we love about her is that there is not just one set theme of style that sums her up, each room has it's own signature look, so beautifully designed that its SO hard to pick just one favourite!

Shades of pink and gold having a strong presence across her styling especially in Daisy’s Nursery, likened to a coral coastal feel. It hard not to love each piece Justine uses around her home and in each of her girls' bedrooms.

Scroll on as we take a sneak peak into a few of her favourite staple pieces in Daisy’s nursery! A notable favourite is the much loved Nalani Cot by Sacred Bundle, which is also available in a Single bed size. The meaning of Nalani is ‘The Heaven’s’ and we couldn't think of a better way to describe this beautiful piece!

At the lower end of the bed is another amazing room feature that we love, the Little Lights Van Light from Cruise Kids. The van has been perfectly placed & its with its lovely mustard light up hues giving it the perfect old-vintage look.

The gorgeous Moroccan Rug - Azilal from Hunter and Nomad compliments the Nordic Blush tones of each piece around the room. The rugs are woven from undyed, natural wool. Each beautiful piece is an individual creation and holds a magical tale of the weaver. This particular rug is an absolute unique beauty, it is thick, lush with amazing colours that will bring character to a space instantly!


Rug and Shell Cushion | Hunter and Nomad

Rattan Playgym | Raja Homewares

Cot Linen | 7pm Linen

Baby + Doll Sling Carrier | Chekoh

Mobile | Juno and Ace

Kombi Van Night Light | Cruise Kids


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