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Thriving In Isolation - Campaign Launch

The Collab Society recognises the significant impact the Covid-19 pandemic has had on individuals and businesses, globally. Life as we know it has been altered: the reality we’re living today is not the same reality we were living six months ago and for small business owners, the pandemic does not discriminate. We understand more than anyone, that behind every small business, big idea or start-up is a person who has backed themselves 110% and thrown themselves into the deep end to pursue a passion.

This is why we have responded. As a team, The Collab Society launched Thriving In Isolation on Monday the 10th of August. The six week long campaign is designed to give back in the biggest and best way we know how: through COLLABORATION. We’ll be showering the incredible movers and shakers behind the small biz community with free educational resources, interactive Q&As with Industry experts, free pintables, plenty of content from Guest Contributors, discounts and business-owner targeted Giveaways with our brand partners.

The Nitty Gritty of Giving Back

As we were developing the concept of Thriving In Isolation, we couldn’t ignore how much of an impact the pandemic has had on peoples’ mental health. News bulletins, television, social media and in everyday conversation: you can’t escape talk of Coronavirus. Such a constant barrage is enough to get anyone down, let alone the tangible impacts its’ had on businesses, jobs, our social lives and day-to-day living.

So we reached out to Beyond Blue and are proud to announce that we will be fundraising for them throughout the duration of the campaign. We will also be donating 100% of our profits from Thriving In Isolation to Beyond Blue. The alignment with an established charity who actively makes a difference in the mental health space was really important to The Collab Society and we are proud to be making such a difference!

But we couldn’t stop there. It was equally important to us that as a business, we gave back to the small biz community. As a result, The Collab Society will be giving back over $50,000 worth of services to those who can benefit from it most at the moment. If you are a small biz who would like to benefit from story promotions or a free spot in one of our Giveaways – send us a DM via our Instagram page!

Six Week Overview

Each week of the campaign has been given a topic to provide structure, allow people to follow along easily and help with navigating back to resources once the campaign is over. Join us in Week 1 as we focus on mental health and share resources from trusted Beyond Blue experts, receive a pep talk from the one and only Socially Em (@sociallyem), our first round of free resources from the beautiful Martha at Truly Amor Keepsake Books (@truly.amor) and hear stories spoken from the hearts of small biz owners who can attest to "we're all in this together".

Each week we will be announcing a new line up of incredible guests, launching a brand new business-centred Giveaway, presenting a tonne of interesting and helpful resources and engaging and promoting plenty of small Australian businesses. Everything will be captured here on The Collab Society blog so be sure to subscribe for posting updates!

For Those Who Want To Give Back Too

Are you a business owner who wants to give? Perhaps you have some great connections or a strong network of professionals who would love to be involved with Thriving In Isolation? We definitely want to hear from you!

Our goal with Thriving In Isolation is to allow the campaign to grow, flourish and develop as the weeks go by. We want to reach as many small biz owners as possible, but to achieve this we need to work collaboratively to get the word out there. If you have time to share valuable resources via an IG Live or IGTV or have a discount, offer or membership that a business owner would find value in, please reach out to us to discuss Guest Contributor opportunities.

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