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Week 2 Wrap Up

And that’s a wrap on Week 2 of our Thriving in Isolation campaign. If you’ve been following along with keen interest, you’re probably up to date with everything that we’ve put out in our TCS universe this week and hopefully feeling more inspired to thrive, rather than just survive, whatever the pandemic throws at us next.

If you haven’t been keeping tabs – and with everything going on in our world, who could blame you? – we’re here to help you out with a snapshot of what’s been going on in Pivot Week. Let’s start at the top…

Our article on how to pivot your business covered what it actually means to pivot (spoiler: it’s not as full-on as you might think) and how to go about working out the best approach for you and your business during these testing times.

We included some ideas to get you started in your pivot, like investing in your community, refreshing your website, giving back to your community, and refining your processes. If you haven’t already had a read, head there now for inspo.

And be sure to download our Pivot Worksheet to review your business and look at how you can accelerate your success. Get your creative juices flowing with this fab little resource produced in collaboration with Truly Amor.

Download PDF • 91KB

We have also developed a Weekly Planner which can help you get organised for the week. It's a great tool to help you get involved with Motivation Monday!

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Download PDF • 68KB

How they’re doing it

This week, three amazing women shared their insights into thriving in isolation and how they’re using their time to pivot their businesses.

Tara from the Baby Bow Club told us about lowering her to-do list expectations and getting more involved with her community. Both of these things have not only helped her mental health during isolation but also helped keep her business moving.

“I’ve had to adjust, and it’s been really difficult; really hard on my mindset trying to keep going and questioning whether it’s worth it or whether I should stop. But I made the decision that as long as the post keeps going, I’m going to keep going,” said Tara.

We also heard from Danni, whose travel business was brought to a standstill by COVID. In a perfect example of pivoting, Danni focused on turning her hobby, The Figure Life, into a thriving community that helps women look and feel amazing through fitness and nutrition support programs.

“It just goes to show that when you think outside the square and you think about what your mission is and what your values are and what you really love doing, the world is your oyster. You just need to take each situation, grab it, hold onto it, and run with it. And sometimes you’ll fail, sometimes you’ll win, but that’s all part of the journey,” said Danni.

Speaking of pivoting side hustles during the pandemic, Tanya and her husband shared with us about how they used their time in isolation to turn their small biz into something big. And the beautiful Wild Timber Co was born. Tanya’s advice? Work with what you’ve got…

“If you need something to pivot this time with, then use what’s in your hands. Many times we look outside of ourselves in order to do something, when we have it within us to actually create something big. We know that business is not easy and it’s super risky. But you know what, the benefit far outweighs the risk,” said Tanya.

Stay tuned for more

Now that you’ve got inspiration and (hopefully) motivation to consider how you work in isolation, it’s time to look at where you work. Week 3 of Thriving in Isolation is all about Revamping Your Workspace. If you’re in the midst of lockdown or even finding yourself working from home so. much. more. then it’s incredibly important to ensure your workspace is conducive to new ideas and productivity. Cue your workspace overhaul!

Stay tuned to our Insta @mycollabsociety and our website for all our tips for your workspace revamp, thanks to an amazing collab.

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