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Week 3 Free Resources - Project Revamp Your Workspace

With the onset of the pandemic, many business owners have found the transition to working from home difficult with respect to working environment. Lack of space, time and/ or funds to create a productive work space has made the move out of the office even harder.

It's easy to become overwhelmed with the task of overhauling any room in the house, let alone factoring in that you may not even have a dedicated room: it could be a small study nook, or even the couch if you're tight on space.⁠ It's why we have developed week three's resource with Truly Amor. This seven-pager has been designed to help you systemically work through HOW you can make your workspace more:⁠


Motivating ⁠

Aesthetic and⁠


Take the quiz on page two to help you work out what aspects of your work space are great and what areas need some improvement. From there, you can respond to the prompts and brainstorm your way to workspace SUCCESS!⁠

Revamp Your Workspace (1)
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