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Week 3 Recap Wrap Up: Setting Up A Workspace At Home

Week 3 of our Thriving in Isolation campaign was all about revamping your workspace. The pandemic has forced so many more of us to work from home or ramp up our WFH hours. So, setting up a workspace at home that’s inspiring and helps increase your productivity is crucial.

It's easy to become overwhelmed with the task of overhauling any room in the house, let alone factoring in that you may not even have a dedicated room: it could be a small study nook, or even the couch if you're tight on space. Throw in a family to work around and it can feel all too much.

So, we’re here to help. Along with insights from our amazing collaborators, we’ve pulled together tips and tricks to prep a workstation that you want to spend time at.

Tips to create a motivational workspace from a pro

The DIY Decorator Zoe Gilpin gave us an amazing insight into how to create a motivational home office or workspace. Here are Zoe’s top tips:

  • For a small space: “Ensure that your workspace is comfortable. A suitable chair is essential, as well as the right size desk depending on how much desk space you need to work on.”

  • Make it more inspirational: “A nice piece of art or a pin board full of inspirational images hung in your work area is a nice touch.”

  • Well-decorated or minimalistic? “I personally like to keep a workspace quite simple. A cluttered space for me equals a cluttered mind.”

  • To refresh an existing workspace: “Treat yourself to some fun stationery items. Or perhaps a new plant friend or scented candle.”

  • And avoid distractions: “Set up a space preferably in an area away from distractions such as the TV or where family members gather.”

Check out the full Q&A for a description of Zoe’s divine home office space and her top three design hacks under $30 that will elevate your workspace. And follow Zoe on Insta @thediydecorator for more inspo and DIY tips.

Now it’s over to you!

We’ve collaborated with our friends at Truly Amor to develop ‘Project Revamp Your Workspace’ – a free download designed to help you systematically work through how to make your workspace more productive, motivating, aesthetic and inspiring.

Download the free resource now and take the quiz on page two to help you work out what aspects of your workspace are great and what areas need some improvement. From there, you can respond to the prompts and brainstorm your way to workspace success. ⁠

Revamp Your Workspace (1)
Download PDF • 229KB

Be sure to share your before and after pics with us on Insta, we’d love to see how you went with your own workspace revamp.

Coming up next

Get comfy in your new workstation as you invest time in your business. Week 4 of Thriving in Isolation is all about using your time wisely.

If sales have slowed or you’re temporarily not running your business at full capacity, it’s the perfect time to attend to all those little bits and pieces you keep putting off. It’s time to update your books, refresh your admin processes and use this time wisely.

Check out our Insta @mycollabsociety and our website throughout the week for more collaborations, including great tips from guest contributors and more amazing resources to help your business thrive in iso.

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