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Week 4 Recap: Use your time wisely to work on your biz

If sales have slowed or you’re temporarily not running your business at full capacity, now is the perfect time to attend to all those little bits and pieces you keep putting off. We recommend you use this time wisely to work ON your business, not just IN it.

This week we teamed up with some amazing people who shared their tips to help you get finance-savvy, collaborate better and even how to handle home schooling while running your business. And, because we know you’re short on time, we’ve summed it all up for you here.

Get a handle on your finances

We know that for many of us, finances aren’t the most exciting aspect of running a business. Dealing with so many numbers and making sure they’re in the right places can be downright scary. So, we chatted to business and personal finance extraordinaire and accountant for creatives, Lauren Thiel from The Real Thiel, to get some tips to help us all out when it comes to getting our P&L in order.

Lauren gave us the scoop on things like how to switch from pen and paper to accounting software without getting overwhelmed, and how-to future-proof your business, so you’re better equipped to deal with situations like the pandemic.

And if you love a good ‘top ten tips’ (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t?), Lauren shares hers for looking at your finances and cutting costs during COVID.

Check out our full Q&A with Lauren for all her tips on getting on top of your finances during isolation.

Let’s work together

We love a good collaboration (if you couldn't already tell) and so do the creators behind Collabosaurus. So, it felt natural for us to work with Jess on sharing six tips for leveraging a collaboration.

Collaboration is such a great way to expand your reach and connect with brands to get more bang for your buck when it comes to exposure. Jess’ tips are:

  1. Know the results you want to hit and have a goal in mind before you start collaborating.

  2. Allow enough time for the campaign to really make a mark. Jess recommends a six-week campaign period.

  3. Identify all available promotional channels, that both you and your collaborator can tap into.

  4. Build a promotional schedule that maximises every channel and schedule ahead if you need to.

  5. Track against your original goal. Jess mentions some great tools to use to help you track where your traffic is coming from.

  6. Collaborate often. You don’t have to limit yourself to one campaign – get out there and get collaborating!

We’ve shared Jess’ tips in short but be sure to check out her full IGTV for the extended version. And follow @collabosaurus for more tips, tricks and opportunities.

Home schooling and online learning

Now, of all the things you *thought* you’d be doing in 2020, we bet guiding your kiddies through online learning at home didn’t get a look in. For many, it came swiftly and early in the year, and for some, it’s ongoing.

Home schooling is hard enough without trying to run a business as well. So, we checked in with Steph from PeekyMe for her tips and trips to make home schooling and learning online a success during isolation. Some of Steph’s tips include creating a daily schedule, accepting that you’re not a teacher, and RELAXING about the whole situation.

If you’ve been through this or you’re still in it (we feel you), check out our blog for all of Steph’s tips on helping your kids through home schooling.

Use your time to work on your biz

If you’ve got any time left between getting your finances in order, making a plan to work with others and home schooling your kids, we highly recommend downloading this week’s awesome checklist. It’s designed to help you work ON your biz and tick off those to-do’s you’ve wanted to do for ages.

Working On Your Biz
Download PDF • 70KB

It’ll help you sort out some admin, website and social media things that always seem to get pushed to the bottom of the list. Go get it now!

It’s time to get social

Ok, this might be a bit controversial given we’ve just talked all about using our time wisely, but if you’re ever going to spend more time on social media, this is the week to do it.

Week 5 of Thriving In Isolation is all about social media. We’re doing it. You’re doing it. Everyone’s doing it. But could it be better? And how exactly do we do it better?

We’re pretty invested in social media – it’s what we live and breathe. So, we’re going to help you truly understand how social media works and how to make the most out of your online space. We’re sharing our own tips to get your socials seen and are calling on some pros to share their tips too.

Stay tuned to our Insta @mycollabsociety and our website throughout the week to get your socials buzzing.

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