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Week 5 Recap: Social Media for Small Business

Week 5 of Thriving in Isolation has been all about overhauling your social media: how social media works and how to make the most out of your online space. As with every other week in our campaign, we’ve shared some awesome tips from amazing people who know their stuff, all with the aim of helping you through this crazy COVID time.

There were so many juicy tips this week, we really recommend you put aside some time and catch up on anything you missed.

How to maximise social media during COVID

We kicked off the week by catching up with experts in social media to find out all the answers to all the questions and give them to you. Cherie Clonan from The Digital Picnic told us that you don’t need to be on every social platform (phew!), why you should have a social media strategy (more on strategy below), and why being authentic is the best way to be on socials. Cherie also reassured us that it’s ok to just do the best we can at this time (thanks, Cherie!).

We also tapped into the expert knowledge of Instagram pro Brooke Vulinovich from the Social Club Membership and Academy, who gave us the scoop on how to grow your brand and make sales on Insta (hint: it’s all about your content, timing, hashtags and engagement).

So, if you’re looking for ways to maximise social media during COVID (and beyond), then this is the blog for you.

And because she’s just that kind of person, Brooke also shared her top 5 tips for small businesses when it comes to Insta. Authenticity came up again (hint, hint), and Brooke also recommends knowing your ideal client, keeping your content solution-focused, sharing more video content, and investing in yourself. Brooke even gave us five ideas for videos you can create today.

We’d highly recommend you read the blog and follow Brooke on Insta for more tips @brookevulinovich

Socially Em went live!

Because it’s social media week, we went straight to the top and got Socially Em on board for an IGTV live on all things social media. For those who don’t know Emma Williams, she is the founder of three successful six-figure businesses and has over five years’ marketing experience. She’s now known as Socially Em (@sociallyem) and offers business support, courses and coaching on social media.

The Queen on the Gram chatted to our own Jess about different social platforms and where your business needs to be, and how to set up and reach your goals on social media. Em’s advice is that your social posts need to educate, entertain or inspire, and your goals should be to:

  • Increase brand awareness

  • Drive traffic to your website

  • Generate new leads

  • Grow revenue in terms of sales or sign ups

  • Boost brand engagement

  • Build your community

  • Ensure you’re maintaining effective customer service, and

  • Increase your mentions.

“Everything that you push onto your social media has to tick those tips. But also, does it educate, entertain or inspire?” said Em.

In what was a consistent theme popping up during the week, Em also talked about the importance of having a strategy or plan in place to meet your goals:

“I always recommend sitting down once a week and going over what it is you need to project to your community and having a clear plan for that, because otherwise you’re running around chasing your tail and you have no clear direction or goals. If you’re not writing down your goals and working out how you can achieve that week by week, you’ll get nowhere,” said Em.

This is just a snippet from Em’s amazing live. So, if your socials need improving or you’re yet to really get into it, head over to @thecollabsociety to watch the replay. It’s well worth it.

Marketing strategy MASTERCLASS

We were so excited to bring you a masterclass this week, on all things marketing strategy and knowledge around customer journey mapping to accelerate your small business during isolation. We were joined by the amazing Jess from Complete St for this special insight into strategy, and guess what? She dropped the ‘a’ word. That’s right, Jess also recommends being authentic across your online platforms:

“Everyone is going through a challenge in some way, shape or form. That authenticity - getting raw behind the camera, on your stories, in your emails - is really important,” said Jess.

Jess also got going on customer journeys and how to tap into each stage. She shared a big tip that every business can consider and implement:

“Once they purchase from you, you want them to keep coming back. So making sure they’re on your email database, you’re regularly communicating with them; even at the checkout, ask them for their birthday or a special date so that way, when it comes around to that birthday you can email them a month out and say…here’s a little gift from me to you,” said Jess.

Check out this two-part masterclass on our Insta now and follow @completestco for more tips for your biz. E-commerce, services and health and wellness businesses in particular need to hear what Jess has to say.

How one small biz is coping during COVID

We’ve checked in with a few small businesses during our campaign to find out how they’re coping during COVID. This week, Pia from Pop Ya Tot shared her insights into running her business during Melbourne’s lockdown. Pia has come to realise that there are benefits as a result of being forced to slow down.

“The benefit is just having a little more mental clarity. Before I was in such a hurry. I was rushing around hustling with the kids and dropping them here and going there…you just don’t realise how much you shove into your week. So, it’s been really nice just slowing down in that regard, even though we still feel busy, we don’t have a million things on our plate every week,” said Pia.

Pia has refocused her time and energy on her business, looking at the things she’s always wanted to fix but hasn’t had the time. (We agree that it’s a great time to do this, and working on your biz instead of just in it was our focus for Week 4 of Thriving in Isolation).

Check out Pia’s IG live @mycollabsociety for more insights into how her business is coping during COVID and her tips to others in the same situation.

Giveaway week is here!

We’re now heading into week 6 of our campaign – giveaway week! What better way to round out six weeks of incredible education, content and business opportunities that with seven full days of giveaways! These giveaways are designed to give back to our wonderful small biz owners, so stay tuned to our Insta @mycollabsociety and our website for details.

Good luck!

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