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Why an Application Process is Important for Collaborative Campaigns.

Regardless of the type of campaign or marketing tactic you are using, relevance is incredibly important when it comes to marketing, especially if you are working with individuals or businesses outside of your own. In fact, remaining relevant to your target audience is often the number one goal of any profitable business. Without it, you are unable to develop lasting client connections or properly communicate why your product or service is their number one solution.

This is why The Collab Society have an application process for all Giveaways and photoshoots. Once we have set the theme of the campaign, it is important we incorporate a variety of different brands which compliment each other, without being direct competitors. We also analyse whether the target audience for the campaign is likely to see an alignment between the brand applying and their own values. Only when the campaign as a whole is appealing to the targeted audiences, can we expect positive results for all businesses involved.

Complimentary not Competing.

The campaign needs to be mutually beneficial for all parties involved, which means we cannot accept your application if we already have another brand involved who appears to be a direct competitor. For example, we would not approve two baby lounger businesses, however it is mutually beneficial to approve a baby lounger business and a baby activity/ play mat business. Why?

  • Both businesses will share a similar audience

  • The audience will likely see value in owning both products

  • There is a significantly higher chance of a mother choosing to purchase a baby lounger and a baby activity mat, as opposed to two baby lounger.

Campaign Appeal.

As we discussed earlier, the appeal of the campaign as a whole, is incredibly important. We take care to approve a mix of well-known brands who have an appropriate (predominately Australian) audience and smaller, less-established businesses. These “familiar faces” promote trust and credibility for the campaign, leading to more entries and better engagement. This positive alignment also offers an opportunity for networking amongst brands.

Always Relevant.

When we talk about relevance, we are referring to a few different things such as:

  • Does the brand fit in with the theme of the campaign? For example, a primarily tween-focussed brand doesn’t align well with a toddler bedroom photoshoot).

  • What products does the brand stock? For example, a business with a focus on desks and home office products will be best suited to a business/ office Giveaway or photoshoot, as opposed to slotting them into a Master Bedroom campaign and just featuring a coffee table book).

  • Who is their audience? We examine things such as, domestic or international shipping, what percentage of your audience is Australian, how engaged as you on social media, etc. This helps us to better understand your businesses relevance to the campaign.

Whilst it can be a little disappointing to miss out on a campaign you were really excited about, it is important to look at the bigger picture. We don’t take rejecting an application lightly and we promise it is always in the best interests of your business. Luckily, we regularly host incredible Giveaways and exciting collaborative photoshoot opportunities and our Approvals Team are more than happy to discuss alternative campaigns worth applying for. Just drop us an email at and someone will be in touch to answer your questions!


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