It's no surprise that we are back with a Cubby House Giveaway with Hide and Seek Kids, but to make this Cubby House promo even more epic we've added Blond Noir into the mix so our lucky winner will win not only a Cubby House of their choice but also all the wallpaper to create their own unique space. (Um, can I pls enter?!)


The entries from previous Giveaways with Hide and Seek Kids consistently achieve a great result for everyone involved with an average gain of 1.7K followers and over 10K+ entries! The Giveaway will be open to Australian residents so we will be targeting Australian based women aged 20-48, primarily with children aged 10 and below.


Launch date: Late March.

Prize pool: Cubby House of winners choice valued up to $2,000.


Standard spot: $279.00 - SOLD OUT

Custom spot: $339.00 - 3 SPOTS LEFT

Silent spot: $399.00 - 2 SPOTS LEFT


Pay in Full OR $100.00 deposit + pay at your own pace Payment Plan until 28th March.


Promotion via: @hideseekkids Instagram feed (176K+), Hide and Seek Kids Facebook page (69K+), @blond.noir Instagram feed (128K+) and @sweetlittlestory Stories (141K+). Minimum $1,500 allocated Ad spend across multiple channels with Facebook Ad expert. Daily promotion on @thecollabsociety to 94K+ followers. Email Marketing exposure to 10K+ active email subscribers. Cross promotion with 35 additional brands and Influencers.

Cubby House Giveaway

Posting Preference
Discount Code Promotion Add-on
Payment Option
  • Paypal.



    Pay in Full.

    $100.00 deposit with remaining balance due 48 hours prior to Giveaway. Invoice sent after sign up.