Business Coaching sessions are done via Instagram Direct Messenger or phone call for 45 minutes.


Topics discussed:


- How to use Hashtags and a list of hashtags that will work for your business.

- How to increase Interaction on your posts (comments and likes).

- Brand Reps, Brand Enthusiasts and Collaborations - how they help your business and the differences between each.

- Create a prescence on Instagram - get your brand known and talked about!

- How to increase your following.

- Discover your Target Audience.

- General Feedback and recomendations on Instagram feed and website. 


You will be emailed an action plan in the form of a 'to-do' list based on our discussion and recommendations throughout the session.


Once you have confirmed your one on one Coaching session you will receive an email within 24 hours with instructions on how to book a time!

Instagram Basics 101

Coaching session via: