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Prize will be valued between $6000 - $8000 and will include an overseas holiday with flights. The Giveaway will have THREE prizes and THREE winners.


When: October 28th - November 10th, 2019. *Subject to change.




Standard Posting Spot

Early bird pricing (closes 30/09): $449.00 (Or $150.00 deposit)

Price increase as of 01/10: $599.00

Full schedule posting requirements.


Custom Posting Spot:

Early bird pricing (closes 30/09): $549.00 (Or $150 deposit)

Price increase (As of 01/10): $699.00

Post your choice of stories only OR use your own images for feed posts.


Silent Spot:

Early bird pricing (closes 30/09): $649.00. (Or $150 deposit)

Price increase (As of 01/10): $799.00

No posting requirements.



Pay in Full OR $150.00 deposit to secure your spot. Remainder will be invoiced to pay at your own pace. Full payment is due 27th of October, 2019.

October Major Giveaway

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  • Destination giveaway averages 6,500 entries.

    Cubby house giveaway brought in 5,200 entries.

    $5,000 Adairs Giveaway (closest) averages 4,000 entries.​