Small Biz Giveaway! We've teamed up with Branding Legend Jess from @completestco and Stylish Kids Mama Boss @roberta.fairbanks to give away over $8,000 in products and services to kick start your new financial year! Includes: A Dell 2-in-1 Laptop, $500 Officeworks voucher, Giveaways, Social Media Management, Coaching, Branding Package, Logo Design, Magazine features, Insta Acadamy Course, and SO. MUCH. MORE!



The Giveaway will be promoted on the Mamamia Instagram page! You may be familiar with Mamamia through their Lady Start Ups podcast where they celebrate the acheievments of women in Business. This is an AMAZING opportunity to get your brand seen by their incredible audience of Small Business owners! They will also be sharing a sneak peak of the Giveaway onto their website page in an advertorial.


Target Audience: Small business owners. If you sell products or services FOR Small Business Owners this Giveaway is the one for you! This may include, Graphic Design, Social Media Management, Coaching, Web Design or even products such as Planners, Diaries, Calenders, Stationary or more! All businesses involved will be within this niche with the goal to essentially share and promote each others services to our own followers!


When: 5th August - 11th August, 2019.

Standard Posting Spot: $149.00 (or $50.00 deposit).
Full schedule posting requirements.

Custom Posting Spot: $199.00 (or $70.00 deposit).
Stories posting only OR choose your own image and caption for feed posts.

Silent Spot: $299.00 (or $100.00 deposit).
No posting requirements.


No additional costs or prizes are required.


Optional extra: $59.00

An INDIVIDUAL post on the Giveaway landing page featuring an interview style questionare and image to hightlight your biz and the services you offer! HUGE brand exposure to your ideal target audience!! Extremely limited spots available.


Our Giveaways include:
- Support prior to, during and after the Giveaway.
- Free resources and guides to ensure you are acheiving the most out of our Giveaways.
- Free 14 day Instagram Planner to provide you with ideal content to post throughout a Giveaway to turn those new followers into loyal, engaging customers!
- An Instagram Audit. Struggling with unfollows after a Giveaway or are your new followers simply not converting to customers? We provide a FREE complete Instagram Audit report full of personalised tips and tricks and even a reccomended bio! Your Insta is your FIRST impression - make it count!

Small Biz Giveaway

Buy in as:
Business Feature
  • If opting for Half now, half later payment option you will receive a reminder one week prior to the Loop beginning via DM with payment instructions. Failure to make the remaining payment will forfeit your place in the Loop and unfortunately no refunds will be offered.

  • Unfortunately we do not accept refunds for change of mind. If your unable to proceed with the Loop you will forfeit your admin fee however you will not be required to include your prize for the winner. We do offer refunds for circumstances beyond your control, please contact us at least one week prior to the Loop beginning to arrange.