Our goal is to connect Brand Reps with Businesses, Influencers and most importantly with each other!


After being on both the Rep and Small biz scene for three years we wanted to create a service that would benefit all of those within the Insta community regardless of what stage they are at in their journey.


Something we wished we had when we first started out ourselves. Over the past 3 years the role of being a Brand Rep has changed so much and the introduction of things such as Tribe, Telegram, Lightroom and

Instagram Analytics has made it even more competitive and confusing than ever before! With increasing rejection for both Businesses and Reps comes lack of confidence to reach out and collaborate with each other as

many are often feeling left behind and defeated.


We are here to change that!

We truly believe there is room for everyone, and that everyone plays a role, regardless of weather you have 100,000 followers or 100.

Collaboration and Knowledge is a powerful thing and we want to provide just that for both Brand Reps and Small Businesses.

We want to create a community.

A support network.

We want to drive positivity and motivation.

We want to provide the tools, the information and the networking for everyone to achieve success!

"An online community for all Reps & Influencers that will help you learn all you need to know about this industry" 

- @tegan_jean

the deets

As part of the Rep Connect community you will receive:
- Access to our VIP Facebook Group: Rep Connect by All For Small

- Exclusive Q&A Live Videos with some of Insta's best Businesses and Influencers

- Free e-Book Guides and Video Tutorials on all things Insta including:

   - How to get started

   - Engagement

   - How Telegram and Pods may affect your page

   - Tribe and Paid Advertising

   - Captions

   - Tips for increasing exposure

   - How to save $$ and not break the bank with your Insta buys

   - Photography tips

   - All things editing with Lightroom, SnapSeed and Insta

   - Feed curation

   - How to grow your following authentically

   - Styling. Flatlays, Room Styling and more!

   - What brands look for and what they avoid

   - Blogging


- Access to our exclusive Discount Code Book full of discounts with Small Australian Businesses

- Connecting Brand Reps and Influencers with Businesses for Collaboration/Brand Rep roles

- Buy/Sell/Swap threads within our VIP Facebook Group

- A TONNE of encouragement and support!

what's the cost?



Yep you heard right!

We offer the entire Rep Connect Program completely free of charge.

The number one question is what's the catch?

Of course we are a business and not a Charity however we have implemented some great marketing strategies for Businesses such as Discount Book features and Giveaway promotions within the group along with additional services for Influencers such as Media Kits. These services will fund the entire cost of running the Rep Connect Program.


Win, win!

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