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with Sarah Brown

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Be prepared, because as with all our Nursery/New Baby themed Giveaways this one is guaranteed to sell out fast! We are working with Sarah from @sarah.pikersgill.brown (formerly @thebearcubclub) for this stylish Room Reveal and Giveaway! I think I speak for so many businesses when I say we were patiently waiting for bebe #3 so we could get involved in this Room Reveal!

Ideal for brands selling furniture, room décor, baby essentials, and anything an expecting mama is going to need! Photoshoot+Giveaway or Giveaway only spots available.

Launch date: 15th November;
Product arrival deadline: 20th October;
Prize valued over $5,000!


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 target audience 

 previous results 

  • Australian based women aged 20-40.

  • First time, second time, third time mums.

  • Currently trying to or already are pregnant or has recently had a baby.

  • Interested in Instagram Brands, Small Business, Nursery Inspo, Pregnancy and Motherhood.

Based on: New Mama Must Haves with @mama_disrupt

Number of entries: 17,300+

Reach: 374,000+

Average follower gain per business: 2,371

Number of email subscribers per brand: 821

 styling and photography 


Sarah's creativity and style is only one of the many reasons why we absolutely love working with this trend-setting mama. With two boys (twins!) and about 96484 room makeovers under her belt it is no surprise that Sarah is one of our most in-demand stylists when it comes to room reveals! This Nursery will be taking over the gram' come room reveal night and we couldn't miss out on such an incredible opportunity for our TCS family of brands involved!

Think neutrals, browns, and gold with subtle pops of colour throughout, it is guaranteed to be the most luxe on-trend Nursery you've ever seen with an epic prize pool to match!