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We are back with another exciting Giveaway hosted with Steph Pase from @justanothermummyblog. One thing we know is that her audience are Kmart OBSESSED making this the ultimate prize for her audience. Along with Steph we will also have the Kmart Home Decor & Hacks FB group advertising the Giveaway for additional exposure (to their 510K+ members!) - so expect some great numbers for this one!

Launch date: 17th January, 2022.

Prize: $4000 Kmart Voucher OR $3,000 CASH!

Payment plans available with 20% required to secure your spot.





 target audience 

 previous results 

  • Women aged 20-35.

  • Australian based women.

  • Interests in home organisation, online shopping, keeping up with the latest trends, interiors.

Based on: $5,000 Adairs Giveaway and $2000 Kmart Giveaway both with Steph Pase

Average number of entries: 22K+

Reach: 378,000+

Average follower gain per business: 3,200

Number of email subscribers per brand: 895



Username: @justanothermummyblog​

Followers: 231K+

Number of posts: 1x Feed graphic + 1x Story


Facebook Group: Kmart Home Decor & Hacks Australia​

Members: 510K+ on Facebook

Number of posts: 3 x FB Group Posts


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