We offer a limited number of Sponsorship opportunities for each Giveaway and Shoot organised. We tailor each Sponsorship package to the brand we are working with to ensure it aligns with your existing marketing plan and what you'd like to get out of the campaign. Scroll to the bottom of this page for our FAQs.

To find out more about how the Photoshoot side of things works, please click here.

Sponsorship FAQs

Will I be included in the Giveaway follow list?

Yes! You'll be guaranteed to gain new followers because your preferred IG handle will be included in the follow list. Members of the public will have to follow you to enter the Giveaway. We always check that the eventual winner is following all accounts to ensure their entry is valid in the first place.

Do I have to post anything to my feed during the Giveaway?

A Sponsorship means that you have a Standard Spot in the Giveaway. All Standard Spots will be required to post to their feed and stories a couple of times throughout the campaign - but we provide all graphics, captions and context for you in the Welcome Pack (you'll receive this digitally 24 hours prior to the Giveaway going live). All of our Giveaway graphics are minimal and clean, meaning they aren't going to look out of place on your feed and we always offer the option for you to adjust the caption copy to ensure it suits your brands' tone of voice. See below an example of what our Giveaway feed images look like. Don't hesiate to discuss any posting concerns with us. As mentioned earlier, we like to tailor our Sponsorship packages so drop us a line if you're worried about any aspect of posting to your feed or stories.

How do I know when, what and how to post?

We'll add you to a group Instagram DM around 24 hours prior to the Giveaway going live. This will have all of the brands and businesses involved in the campaign, added to it. We'll pop a link to the Welcome Pack in here, provide updates and answer any questions you have. Everything is very easy to understand, we're always only a phone call away and we have reminders posted to the group DM when it comes to posting time/s to avoid time zone confusion (e.g. the group DM will receive a message saying "*1 HOUR TO POSTING TIME*" and so on).

Can you explain the Photoshoot process?

We have a whole page dedicated to info on our Shoots. If you scroll back up to the top of this page, there's a link which will take you there.

Do you follow up with us after the Giveaway had ended?

Yes! We email you a Post-Giveaway Analytics report which delves into the average followers gained, reach, impressions and impact the Giveaway had. We also touch on the demographic reached and recap on the campaign as a whole.

What are the benefits of doing a Giveaway with TCS?

- Access to The Collab Society’s reach and impact including exposure to our engaged IG & subscriber audience of 100,000+ people - Alignment and exposure from some of Australia's top Influencers - A gallery of professionally shot images which are yours to keep and use with unlimited license
- Reach and engagement with 30+ times the impact of traditional 1:1 campaigning
- Advertising strategy and Ad spend alllll taken care of!
- An image featuring your product included in the Giveaway graphic re-posted on The Collab Society, the Influencer's feed and all of the brands involved
- A digital Welcome Pack that includes all captions and posting schedules for the campaign plus feed and story graphics for promotion
- Permit applications and Terms and Conditions 100% taken care of by TCS
- Seamless organisation of prizes for the winner
- Group DM organisation and reminders throughout the campaign Plus so. much. more!

What are The Collab Society's IG analytics?

Don't forget that you'll also be leveraging the reach and impact of the Influencer and Stylist involved in the campaign PLUS all of the brands and businesses we bring on board who will be reposting and promoting the Giveaway!

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