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Designer Nursery Room Reveal

Our latest Nursery Makeover took us outside of our comfort zone where we swapped our usual soft neutral color palettes and natural oak finishes for fun patterns, bold colors and the rich tones found in the walnut furniture - and we are here for it!

Inspired by Mid-Century Modern design, we used a variety of textures, patterns, shapes, colors and trends beginning with the early selections of the Maxwell Walnut Cot and Dresser and the Floral Wall Hanging which set the tone for how the rest of the room would come together.

During the early design and concept stages, we were focused on including items that would hold up long after bubs moves into the toddler stage and even versatile enough to use in other parts of the home, making the investment into the quality finishes so much more worth it. The Cot itself, from the Incy Interiors Maxwell range, ticked all the boxes straight away. Bold. Elegant. Unique. Textured panelling. But even better, was the built-in conversion kit which transforms the cot into a toddlers bed without the need to buy (and store!) a seperate conversion kit. Paired with the Maxwell Change Table, the high-quality handcrafted designer feel of this combo was incredible.

The second most important piece of furniture in any Nursery would undoubtedly have to be the Nursing Chair and if you're about to become a first time mama, trust us.. comfort first, aesthetics second. With this in mind, the Nursing Chair we chose had to deliver on comfort and ergonomic features such as adjustable recline, a built in foot rest, the perfect armrest height for feeding bubs and a gentle rocking mechanism, and if it looked like an actual designer armchair? Bonus points! We hit the jackpot when we saw the iL Tutto Paige Glider in Vanilla Boucle. It delivered on all of our must-haves and didn't compromise when it came to aesthetics at all. I mean Boucle? Does it even get more designer than that?

We decided early on that we were going to skip the wallpaper for this space, and instead get a little more hands on and paint our own feature wall - and we don't regret it for a moment! Let's be real, after materials and installation, the costs of wallpaper does add up, so if we were able to save $$ whilst still achieving a bold, statement wall feature, then we were up for the challenge! We used Dulux's UltraAir® range, our go-to for Nurseries given the benefits of the ultra-low chemical emissions and odors properties. The combination of colors we used were Chintz Half and Snow Season Half with the remaining walls painted in Vivid White. The checkered pattern worked so perfectly with our theme of Mid-Century Modern, I think this one is here to stay!

You can check out our DIY video here for step-by-step instructions on how you can paint your own feature wall!

When it came to our décor selections, we pulled most of our inspiration from the Wall Hanging which helped guide our color choices. The Middle Of Nowhere cushions added the pops of color and pattern that we needed to tie it all together and sat so perfectly beneath the custom giclee artwork we chose from V Happy Co's Alphapics range. The artwork injected an element of playfulness and color that the room needed just a touch more of and with so many designs available, we were able to select something that felt as if it were created just for this space. We added in a unique handmade Brass Kinetic Mobile by Sacha Jacobsen and the Sol Arched Rug we found from Rugs For Good - both choices lending themselves so beautifully to the Mid-Century Modern style.

As parents and stylists ourselves, we had the bar set pretty high when picking the baby-related styling items for this Nursery since everything had to be safe, functional and comfortable whilst still being aesthetically pleasing.

One of our picks included the beautifully designed gingham Cot Sheet, Playmat and Breastfeeding pillow set from Bambella Designs. We love the practicality and convenience of a waterproof cot sheet and playmat, and the fact they are layered using soft cotton on top and leakproof material backing means ultimate comfort for bubs and no mess for us.. sounds pretty good to me!

Another favorite of the day was the Frankie playmat/rug by Rugabub which has the look of a traditional hand woven rug. The attention to detail in the braiding element of the design was so incredible that you'd be forgiven for not realizing it is made entirely from 100% non-toxic, soft 15mm thick memory foam.

We hope you enjoyed this Nursery Room Reveal tour as much as we enjoyed designing and bringing this space to life. It was really exciting to move away from the 'trending' Nursery aesthetics and work on something that was different, it will certainly be going down in our book as one of our favorite's to design and style. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

A few final brands that undeniably deserve a mention due to their unique design, incredible quality and ability to really impress us on shoot day include:

Zoe Sage

What may begin with confusion very quickly will turn to absolute awe as you unbox, discover and begin using the 5-in-1 Mama Cover, a simple yet wildly genius product designed by Melbourne mama of 2, Bianca. The soft stretchy cover functions not only a breastfeeding cover but also as a car seat cover, pram cover, highchair cover and infinity scarf! The only thing you'll regret when you start to use it is not getting one sooner!

Heirloom Cashmere

Packaged in a beautifully presented gift box, every single person gathered around on shoot day after our assistant yelled 'OMG, you have to feel this blanket'. To put it simply, we were super impressed and the cute little matching bonnet may have triggered alll the clucky feels. Their range of baby blankets and clothing is made using 100% Pure Cashmere, a natural hypoallergenic and breathable fibre known for it's incredible heat insulating properties. The quality and softness of these blankets is so next-level, truly deserving to be cherished for a lifetime!


We included the newly released Bugaboo Giraffe in this space as a new-mama essential, and were blown away with all the features they were able to pack into one product. Designed to cater for all ages, the Bugaboo Giraffe transforms from a newborn seat to a fully height-adjustable toddler chair in a matter of seconds thanks to the innovative clickable design - no tools required! The accessories range even offers a rocker frame giving parents the ability to turn their highchair into a baby rocker, how cool is that?!



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