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Nursery Reveal with Mel Tonkin

Mel Tonkin, AKA, the stylist behind @melissajanestylist, AKA, the queen of colour is back with the most breath-taking Nursery reveal that we are thrilled to reveal to you. It's been a minute since Mel created a Nursery space (that isn't just a set-up for a client shoot), with her daughters Millie and Olivia, aged 12 and 8, Mel welcomed baby Fletcher into the family late last year.. and what a dreamboat he is! Now, let's jump in and check out this incredible room!

Mel spent countless hours designing and constructing the Nursery which features VJ wall paneling, 2.4m high ceilings with skylights providing an abundance of natural light, and of course the feature of the room - a custom-made 3D round wall panel. We love this detail, brought to life by Mel's chippy partner Zac, it was painted sage green with a textured finish and even comes complete with neon backlighting to add a dreamy illuminating vibe. Also featuring as a main focal point in the Nursery is the stunning tassel wall hanging which absolutely commands everyone's attention!

The layout of the room consists of three well-thought-out areas: a cosy nook for late-night feeds, a change station/sleeping zone for all that non-existent sleep he'll be doing over the next 6 months, and there's also a roomy spot for Fletcher to chill, play and roll around on the wool rug or one of his many playmats. Mel has included a beautiful bone-inlay console table to hold the sweetest treasures and baby necessities.

We were able to chat all things baby with Mel over the past few months and having been out of the baby game for over 7 years now, it comes as no surprise that things have come a longgg way since. The biggest game changer for Mel was her new pram; 'One of the things I've really noticed is the difference in features that now come with the prams. Our pram, the babybee rover3, is so easy to adjust and steer. The suspension helps it glide over bumps with no effort at all!'. She's also loving the smart baby monitor from Oricom.. for obvious reasons (ahem, was wi-fi monitors even a thing 7 years ago?). The flexibility to use either the handheld monitor or her smartphone means she can keep a close eye on Fletcher while she's home or when she's away.. and no doubt big sisters Millie and Olivia have full run of the screen!

Asking Mel what her favourite thing about her new nursery was she didn't have to think twice; the cosy nursing nook where these two would no doubt be spending most of their time, and the beautiful rocker and ottoman set from lovebabycot would no doubt make it a whole lot easier. 'I keep this part of the room ready to go day and night. The Bunnie Caddie is always stocked with snacks and nursing essentials and I always keep my nursing pillow within arms reach'. Speaking of, Mel uses the 'My Brest Friend' nursing pillow which features a back and arm rest, a storage pocket and even plush cover.. paired with the Bunnie Caddie and rocking chair, this lady is livin' a life of comfort and convenience!

Working with Mel over the last few years we knew we'd be in for a treat with this room reveal, yet she continues to outdo herself.. now we hold our breath and cross our fingers for the goods with bebe #4 so that we can do this all over again! 😉

Cherub Baby

This Aussie brand, created by Melbourne locals James and Ryan, is committed to creating innovative solutions for the problems that new parents face every day. They are our go-to for all things baby feeding with a huge range of food pouches (that are oh-so adorable!), breastfeeding storage supplies and more. Mel uses the 4-in-1 forehead thermometer from their range of safety products for baby Fletcher and swears by its ease of use - it's no wonder they've picked up 8 awards for this product. 🙌


Cot and Dressing Table | Sacred Bundle

Rug | Miss Amara

Mobile | Bombora House


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