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Transforming a TINY Kids Bedroom into a Vibrant Oasis: Our Latest Room Reveal

We're excited to share the journey of our latest collaboration room reveal—a small bedroom makeover bursting with color and creativity, perfect for children aged 4-10. In this blog post, we'll take you through the process from start to finish, offering insights into our design decisions, practical tips for maximizing small spaces, and highlighting key product choices that brought the room to life. So, let's dive into the transformation of a dull and boring space into a vibrant, engaging haven for kids!

We began by building our mood board around a color palette that captures the spirit of adventure: blues, greys, terracotta, and mustard. To kickstart the adventure theme, we used a muted grey Vintage Palms Wall Mural from Olive et Oriel, bringing a sense of exploration right into the room. The dark, burnt-red wooden floors were initially a major concern, as they made the space feel smaller and darker, but the problem was quickly resolved when we added in a large bright rug spanning the entire width of the room, it instantly lightened the room, making it feel larger and more inviting.

Given the room’s dimensions—only 3m x 2m, and the space being a rental, meaning no wardrobe revamps, we had to really think creatively about the use of space. The Natty King Single Loft Bed from Boori was the perfect choice, elevating the sleeping area and freeing up floor space beneath for other uses but what totally sold us was the storage staircase, offering deep tubs perfect for stashing away toys and books.

Underneath the loft bunk, we constructed a mini desk using 2x IKEA Trofast storage units and a pine panel from Bunnings, all of which we sanded back and stained to ensure a perfect match with the oak finish of the loft bunk. The IKEA Trofast system was instrumental in this makeover. Not only did it provide ample storage with its tubs, but it also doubled as a compact study area.

For playtime on the floor, we selected a double-sided padded foam playmat in Herringbone Sky from Little Wiwa, which was both practical and stylish, fitting perfectly into our color theme. The HomeDay lounger added a cozy, colorful spot for reading, bringing in more of the terracotta tones we loved.

For the bedding, we opted for a gingham Doona Cover Set from The Midnight Gang in a beautiful dusty blue colourway. Not only did it add a touch of color, but its waterproof feature along with their Bed Mates Waterproof Bed Mats made it a practical choice for handling those inevitable little accidents.

To cap off the makeover, we incorporated bold, handmade wall banners and flags which paired so perfectly with the aesthetic of the acrylic wall shapes and custom signage we had created from Salt and Pine Store. The Wall Art from Kuki Prints brought in additional layers of color and fun, while a statement Shaka LED neon perfectly captured the cool, surfy vibes we aimed for.

This room makeover is a testament to the power of creativity and strategic planning. By using versatile furniture, integrating effective storage solutions, and injecting vibrant decor, we transformed a small space into a functional and exciting room that any child would adore. We hope this project inspires you to tackle your own child's room transformation, proving that even limited spaces can be turned into extraordinary places for kids to grow and dream.



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