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Home Office Room Tour with Kerry Knight

We were absolutely stoked when Kerry shared with us the vision for her Home Office revamp - coastal, calming with fun pops of colour. - it was a no-brainer, we were all in! Our styling team got to work with Kerry, bringing together an array of products to level up her work-from-home game, and boy, it did not disappoint! We asked Kerry to share with us her thoughts on her new space, where she drew inspo from and what she loves most about her new space.

What were some of the key things you were needing on a Home Office and why were they important for you?

I work full-time as an Occupational Therapist, specializing in ergonomics, so I already knew how important it is to have a good work-from-home setup. Prior to the restyle my set-up consisted of me hunched over my laptop at the kitchen bench.. classically a 'do as I say, not as I do' scenario. I needed something practical that would support a full day behind the screen whilst still being aesthetically on-point so that our humble home office could be a feature of the home. It is the first room you see when walking through the front door so we really wanted to make it stand out!

What is your favorite part of being able to work from home?

I'm lucky that my full-time employer offers me a heap of flexibility to be able to work from home. My favorite part of WFH life is that I get to sit next to my little sidekick all day - Enzo is such good company! When designing the new space I wanted to include a stylish dog bed for him that fits the aesthetic of the room. I can't believe the denim-look cushion from AKWA HOME is actually a dog bed... it's so nice! Enzo might actually have a fight on his paws to be allowed to sit on it!

You have such a fun and unique aesthetic which mixes in so many different styles, we love how much this space reflects your personality! What are some of your biggest inspirations when it comes to interior design?

I love light, bright, and airy spaces with a splash of colour to reflect my character! The stylists we worked with for the makeover described my style as 'modern-coastal.. but with a twist' which I bloody love! I think the coastal aesthetic pays homage to the fact I grew up by the water and more recently, now living on the beautiful Sunshine Coast (where so many of the beautiful pieces featured are locally made). I also love having a house that is minimalistic but still has loads of character. I don't want to feel like I'm living in a display home, but at the same time, clutter gives me anxiety.. life's all about balance!

We love that you're a huge champion for small businesses, share with us some of your new faves you discovered during the Home office makeover so we can go have a stalk!

I absolutely love supporting small businesses, especially now being a business owner myself! I understand the impact of locals-backing-locals and how much magic can happen when we all look out for each other! I love them all but a few favorites would include Little Cove Living - I've always loved their store in Noosa and they really helped bring this entire space together! Lifely's bookshelf literally gave me life(ly) and the gorgeous Oak Shelf.. we had so much fun filling them with candles and vases from Sejour Home. Another mention I can't go past is the beautiful pleated floor lamp that adds a subtle touch of mid-century style that I'm a huge fan of!

Your splurge items, what they were, and share with us why you just. had. to.

That. Desk. I mean, come on! It's even called the 'Jerry' desk - I'm still working on Abide Interiors to change that first letter though, haha! And every gorgeous desk needs a height adjustable (NB: ergonomics, right? 😉) partner in crime so the office chair from Life Interiors made the perfect addition! Another splurge was the rug from Ground Control which is so soft to walk on (thanks to the hand-weaved wool!) and just adds extra depth to the room.

We are obsessed with the Poolside Gossip artwork and know how much of a Slim Aarons fan you are - share the story with us behind this piece.

We actually bought Johnny's parents a Slim Aarons artwork last year for their 40th wedding anniversary and I fell in love with it - the pieces are so funky and special! I was so excited when we found my dream piece from Fine Print Co, which interestingly is the only company with exclusive access to the entire Slim Aarons collection. I still pinch myself that we own one now and love that I think of my parents-in-law every time I walk past it.



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