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Styling Colour with Team Tonkin @melissajanestylist

Loved by so many on the 'gram thanks to her incredible ability to mix patterns and bold colours, mum to three girls, Mel from @melissajanestylist is always pushing the styling boundaries. Her creative process and uncanny ability to lean into everything bright and wonderful means every room she touches absolutely comes to life before your eyes.

Mel is well known for producing stunning content for her audience of style-seekers and small businesses, whilst sharing snippets of her motherhood journey and creative processes behind bringing together fun, inviting and totally unique spaces.

"I love to place colour around room in pops of three so it feels cohesive and the eye can bounce around happily."

We are obsessed with your style! How did it all begin and what do you love most about bringing these sets to life?

When I was home with my two daughters I think I really fell in love with styling. I found the

monotony of housework was made easier if I could shuffle a space and restyle to make it feel fresh and kind of coax myself to be bothered to clean it, ha! This is how my addiction to space creation and set styling was born.

In terms of creativity, it all starts in my head. I may have a main piece and build of that but sometimes honestly, I just wing it. I generally look for particular contrasts in shape and colour. I love to place colour around room in pops of three so it feels cohesive and the eye can bounce around happily.

I know a lot of people are afraid to use colour so boldly when creating spaces, what is your best advice on working with colour?

Colour definitely adds mood and personality to a space. I’d say go on Pinterest and see what colours naturally appeal to you and ask yourself how you think you would feel in that space.


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Mobile | Maddex River

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