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Creating Our Latest Nursery Room Transformation

Starting with nothing more than a concrete floor and some tired-looking walls, we set out on our latest nursery makeover mission: to turn a bare-bones space into a snug, welcoming nook. Guided by the serene, sun-drenched hues of the Mediterranean, we imagined a nursery filled with soothing earthy tones and soft terracotta accents, aiming for a vibe that’s both calming and dreamy. Here's a little peek into our journey, from sketching out our first ideas to selecting the perfect products and finally bringing it all together for the big reveal!

It all began with the basics – the flooring and walls. We chose a warm European Beach Oak for the floor from Flooring Online, bringing immediate warmth and personality to the space. It’s not just about how it looks; it's about crafting a base that’s as durable as it is welcoming. For the walls, we went with Faux Render Wallpaper from Olive Et Oriel, giving us that soft Mediterranean feel and texture without the permanence or expense of real render, showing that walls can truly set the tone for the whole room.

In picking out the nursery’s main features – the cot, nursing chair, and storage – we focused on versatility. View your key nursery items like the cot, storage, and nursing chair as adaptable canvases. Tastes evolve—today’s terracotta obsession might fade tomorrow. Swapping out a cushion? Easy. Buying a new cot? Not so much.

We adored the Tasmaneco Willow Cot for its natural beauty and the way it seamlessly fits into the room, easily transitioning as your little one grows. The Electric Paige Recliner from iL Tutto, with its comfy Boucle finish and modern conveniences like built-in charging, became our go-to spot for feedings and cuddles. And for storage, the 3-Tier open Leni Shelving, crafted from warm European Oak, not only kept us organized but promised to be just as useful beyond the nursery years, blending beautifully into other spaces in the home.

The real fun began when we started adding those special touches that truly made the space feel welcoming. We used those smaller items to really solidify the colors and themes as updates to artwork, linen, and soft furnishings as trends change is a lot simpler!

We laid down our foundation with terracotta cushions and oak-framed artwork, introducing a palette that’s warm and earthy. The Scalloped Pendant Light, with its delightful texture and design, brought a gentle pop of color and became an instant highlight of our nursery.

Complementing this, the Sofia Raffia Table Lamp from Paola and Joy, with its matte ceramic base and soft beige color, aligned perfectly with our aesthetic. Its unique Raffia handmade shade brought in an additional layer of texture and added to the rooms overall charm.

When selecting our statement pieces, our hearts were set on the Artemis Mirror from Middle of Nowhere, whose elegant curved edges added a dash of sophistication and enhances the nursery's overall aesthetic. Equally captivating was our choice of the Moon and Cloud Crescent from Rolenn Studio, made from boucle fabric, echoing the coziness of our nursing chair. They also emit a soft, comforting glow thanks to the built in LEDs, ideal for soothing your baby during the night without overwhelming brightness.

Statement pieces, such as a distinctive light fixture, an artful mirror, or cozy textured accents can transform a Nursery from standard to extraordinary so look beyond basic decor and invest in pieces that stand out and speak to you.

For that final layer of charm, we incorporated whimsical decor from creators like Little Wild One, adding gentle splashes of color and whimsy. A soft, neutral-toned nursery mobile and playful garlands turned the room into a peaceful retreat for our little one.

We didn’t overlook practicality, either. The Bunnie Caddie kept all the essentials within easy reach, proving indispensable for quick changes and tidy-ups. And the 'rust' coloured baby lounger by Cushii wasn’t just a stylish nod to our Mediterranean inspiration; it also offered a cozy, safe spot for bub to rest, quickly becoming a highlight on our baby shower wish list.

To stimulate our baby's senses, we included the Choco the Bear Baby Playgym, featuring adorable plush toys and interactive elements. It not only added to the room's aesthetic but also provided endless entertainment and developmental benefits for our little explorer.

Every piece, chosen with care, helped to complete our nursery, making it not just beautiful but truly functional and inviting for both baby and parents. It’s a space where early memories will be cherished and where comfort meets style in the most harmonious way.


Personalised Knitted Blanket | One Little Day

Cushions and Wave Mirror | Middle of Nowhere

Mobile, Wall Daisies and Garland | Little Wild One


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