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Room tour with @homeofthewildlings

The awkward stage of styling a space for the toddler whose 'Not quite ready for that single bed yet'. We chat with Tahnee, the Mama behind @homeofthewildings, to see exactly how she did a Nursery-Toddler room change up for Archer and her advice on when to know it’s time for that transition.

Tahnee has been giving us all the earthy, boho and warm vibes since she started on the 'gram five years ago supporting small businesses. She is a busy Mama who works her traditional role as a full time Nurse, juggling motherhood, work life and finding the time to create such beautiful spaces, Tahnee shares her truth, tips & advice on how she does it all.

"Styling is my absolute guilty pleasure.”

You really do do it all! Between working as a Nurse, being a mama to two how do you find time to style?

I’m finding all of the juggling quite impossible to be honest. Styling is my guilty pleasure. I absolutely ADORE IT and full room makeovers are so satisfying when you see how much it’s changed and it just makes me feel like I’ve really accomplished something. So it’s my hobby and my stress relief and at the moment I’ve definitely made time for this room makeover. It’s made me so happy!

Some advice for others that are in the awkward stage of Nursery > Bedroom and how do you know when it's time to transition?

Ohh this is a tough one because I feel like that’s the trickiest transition! When does your baby turn into a toddler?!? I’m definitely in denial about how fast Archer is growing up, while at the moment we are still mainly cot sleeping, I love to transition him into the bed for some naps so that he’s used to it. Also with him finally walking and climbing on everything now I am glad that we have this amazing room to start our transition.


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